School Uniform

Uniform is one of our 6 Learning Habits of Excellence and therefore uniform should comply with our clear uniform code at all times. This is because we want students at St Aidan’s Catholic Academy to be proud and to feel part of our community. The dress code applies both within school and on the journey to and from school.

Students must be dressed properly in full school uniform which consists of:

  • Blazer with School Badge
  • School Tie – Ties should be fastened up to the neck properly and reasonable length.
  • House Badge worn on left lapel.
  • Black Trousers ONLY
  • White Shirt ONLY – tucked in at all times.
  • Black V Neck St Aidan’s branded jumper (if a jumper is worn)
  • Black formal leather shoes. No boots or suede.
  • Sensible hairstyle – see below
  • Black/dark coloured outdoor coat – see below
  • Jewellery is not allowed in the Academy and will be confiscated for collection at the end of the school day by the student: wrist watches are allowed.

Every student should have a bag to carry books and equipment to and from school every day.

Please note: Polo shirts, jeans, flare/fashion trousers, trainers, plimsolls, boots and jewellery are not acceptable.

PE / Games Kit

Students must bring the correct kit and equipment for PE and practical lessons.

PE Kit (Indoor):

  • Trainers
  • St Aidan’s Socks
  • Black Shorts (no logos)
  • Yellow T-Shirt

Games Kit (Outdoor):

  • Boots
  • Shin-Pads
  • St Aidan’s Socks
  • Black Shorts (no logos)
  • Black/Amber Top

Uniform can be purchased from Little Gems.  PE kit can be purchased from Total Sport NE.


To maintain standards we ask for your co-operation regarding hairstyles. Haircuts including stepped, undercut, tramlines, extremely close-cut styles (no guard) or any pattern shaved into the hair or hair dye. Long hair should be tied back from the face.


Outdoor coats should be suitable for adverse weather conditions. Tracksuit and hooded tops are not acceptable. Coats should not be worn indoors and removed immediately on entry to the building.

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