St Aidan’s Catholic Academy is a Catholic learning community, guided by Gospel values. A living sign of this community is seen in the way we behave towards each other.  Therefore, we will aim to treat all members of our community with the tolerance, love and respect, characteristic of people made in the image and likeness of God.

As a learning community we must ensure that our policies and practices minimise bullying and always help and support every member of the community. Students in our care should be able to excel in their learning and development in accordance with their own ability and potential. Equally, members of staff should be able to fulfill their professional duties without impediment. Therefore, our policy on anti bullying and the procedures which are in place are intended to reflect those beliefs. We are committed to sustaining a culture in which those barriers to teaching and learning that are a consequence of bullying are removed. In line with our school behaviour policy we have also adopted restorative justice in our daily routines.

We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to prevent bullying from happening.

Our Anti-Bullying Team has been establish for over 8 years. As part of our on-going Anti-Bullying work, we would like to keep you updated on what we are doing.


Our Anti-Bullying Policy:

Anti-Bullying Policy 2020

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