100% Books

All students will be provided with a 100% book, which contains all of the key knowledge that they need to learn for each of their subjects. The purpose of the 100% Book is to utilise retrieval practice in order to promote student learning. Retrieval practice strengthens the cues that enable retrieval of previously learnt material. In struggling to remember something that is almost forgotten, students search for connections that help bring it back to mind. The act of successfully retrieving and rehearsing something that is to be remembered leaves a trace in the memory that makes the path easier to follow again. Securing this knowledge base will allow students to develop their skills of understanding, analysis and evaluation in lessons more effectively.

Retrieval works best when successful retrieval attempts are repeated and for that reason the 100% sheets are used daily for homework with all students, which is set during morning meeting. Students should use ‘look, cover, write, check’ to learn the content of the key skills, key knowledge and key vocabulary section of the specified 100% sheet.

  • Look – Students are first of all asked to read through the 100% sheet assigned for homework that evening including saying aloud each of the key vocabulary terms.
  • Cover & write – This is the active step. Students need to remove the information from view and then engage in a generative recall process; noting down all information given within the key skills, key knowledge and key vocabulary boxes. This will include drawing and labelling any diagrams, and the definitions of key vocabulary.
  • Check – After the generative process, it is important that students reveal the covered information to check the accuracy of their recall. Using a green pen, students should correct any spelling mistakes, missing bits or mistakes.

To gain the most benefit, students do need to successfully retrieve a certain amount of the information during retrieval practice, and for this reason students will be tested on the content of the book each day during morning meeting in addition to regular testing by staff within lesson time. Testing not only aids retention but also helps identify gaps in knowledge. The tests will be accessible to all students and consist of a series of short-answer and multiple-choice questions.

Additional homework may be set by subject teachers where appropriate on a variety of platforms. Science, Maths, English, Geography and MFL will be set electronically.

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