100% Books

The purpose of the 100% Book is to utilise retrieval practice in order to promote student learning.

“Retrieval practice” is a learning strategy where we focus on getting information out. Through the act of retrieval, or calling information to mind, our memory for that information is strengthened and forgetting is less likely to occur. Retrieval practice is a powerful strategy for improving academic performance without more technology, money, or class time.

The 100% sheets are used daily for homework with all students which is set in morning meetings. Students should use ‘look, cover, write, check’ to learn the content of a given section of their 100% book. They are expected to fill a sheet of A4 paper from top left to bottom right, with no gaps, using this method. Tutors will check the work for presentation and quality.

To gain the most benefit, students do need to successfully retrieve a certain amount of the information during retrieval practice, and for this reason students will be tested on the content of the book on a regular basis. The tests will be accessible to all students and consist of a series of  short-answer questions.

Additional homework may be set by subject teachers where appropriate on a variety of platforms. Science and Maths will be set electronically. Please read the Family Handbook for further information.


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