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‘Fluent reading supports comprehension because pupils’ cognitive resources are freed from focusing on word recognition and can be redirected towards comprehending the text’.

Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)

At St Aidan’s Catholic Academy, one of our core beliefs is that it is a pupil’s right to read a range of books allowing them to strengthen their reading confidence and to explore a range of authors and genres.

Exposing pupils to a culture where storytelling is valued and rich, aids all of us: it enables older pupils to look to anecdotes to help them understand new concepts; it helps younger pupils assimilate ideas; and it encourages us all to think about our curriculum as a collection of great stories of world culture.

To support our vision pupils and parents have access to a wealth of resource, including the St Aidan’s Reading Canon, morning reading, DEAR, online library and parent reading club. Please browse the pages in this section for further information and resource.

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