St Aidan’s is a Catholic learning community in which all individuals are provided with the opportunity to flourish as a whole and complete person in a way that is rooted firmly in the values of the Gospel.

By placing Christ at the centre of all that we do and recognising learning as the fundamental focus of all our work we are achieving our mission objective to ensure that each person can ‘celebrate life to the full’.

We have very high expectations for every individual and our practices and routines demand and nurture a strong sense of moral purpose, personal responsibility, integrity, honesty and respect for others within our students.

Our aim is to support students to develop their gifts and talents: spiritual and social; intellectual and emotional; aesthetic and physical through the provision of a broad, balanced and aspirational curriculum which responds to needs, whilst fostering intellectual curiosity and academic achievement, ultimately motivating our students to grow to their full potential.

The curriculum is underpinned by our mission as a Catholic school and British Values; it is structured around a broad range of rigorous GCSEs with vocational options available for an appropriate and small number of students. The curriculum rationale assumes that, whilst the selected GCSEs are challenging and aspirational, they are the best vehicle for preparing students for the next phase of education, employment and life and therefore will continue to be favoured over less rigorous qualifying qualifications.

Our students experience not only a broad and balanced curriculum but also develop skills that will help them become responsible and independent learners. We also look to our curriculum to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural (SMSC), aesthetic and physical development of our students, and to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Each student studies an exciting and varied range of subjects, including those with which there is already familiarity such as Mathematics, English, Science and Religious Education. In addition, each student encounters a breadth of Humanities, Modern Foreign Languages, Technology, Art, Music, Physical Education, PSHE, Citizenship and Information Computing and Technology.

This crucial development is supplemented by an extensive enrichment programme that complements the academic curriculum and includes local and international projects, charity work, the world of work and a wide range of sporting activities.

We truly believe that every individual is capable of excellence and we encourage each individual to work hard, fulfilling their potential to pursue their next steps in life, whether it be their choice of University or a high quality career.

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Curriculum Statement 2019-20

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