Welcome to St Aidan’s Catholic Academy

St Aidan’s is a Catholic learning community in which all individuals are provided with the opportunity to flourish in a way that is rooted firmly in the values of the Gospel. By placing Christ at the centre of all that we do and recognising learning as the fundamental focus of all our work we are achieving our mission objective to ensure that each person can ‘Celebrate life to the full’.

Our ethos and practice is proudly rooted in these beliefs and in the core values: Hard Work,Trust and Fairness. From the moment a student arrives at St Aidan’s Catholic Academy we expect them to live by these values.

The Academy has an outstanding reputation for academic achievement based on a consistent record of outstanding examination results which continue to improve year on year. Our values driven policies, clear vision and consistent routines demand and nurture a strong sense of moral purpose, personal responsibility, integrity, honesty and respect for others within our students. These qualities enable each of our young men to reach the top of their mountain, fulfilling their potential and having a choice of University or a high quality career.

As a Catholic school we are proud to worship, and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. At St Aidan’s you will ‘witness’ our underpinning Catholic ethos in all that you experience – the way we talk to one another, the way we support and trust each other and the way we are driven to succeed in our mission.

The staff of St Aidan’s promote a dedication to excellence which empowers our students to excel and achieve whilst expanding their horizons in a nurturing environment. Our commitment to high-quality teaching, focus on mastery of knowledge and partnerships with parents and the local community provide a richness of experience that enables all to develop their God given talents.

I’m proud to say that St Aidan’s Catholic Academy offers a safe place for boys to take chances, express their emotions and, without the impact of gender stereotyping of a co-educational establishment, discover and thrive in subjects such as the arts and classic literature.

I look forward to serving you and the local communities of Sunderland in the coming years and achieving educational excellence for all.

Glenn Sanderson


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