Acceptable Use Policy

To access the Parent Portal, please read the terms below, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tick the accept box.

This Acceptable Use Policy is written in order to protect the security of pupil information, to ensure good communication between home and school and to prevent unnecessary or unrealistic demands being made on school staff. This policy applies to all use of the Parent Portal at all times.


The security of the information accessed through the Parent Portal is of paramount importance, and every measure has been taken to ensure information is completely secure.

This Policy is intended to minimise security risks. These risks might affect St Aidan’s Catholic Academy data, the authorised Parent Portal user and/or the child. In particular these risks arise from:

  • The intentional or unintentional disclosure of login details to Parent Portal by authorised users.
  • The wrongful disclosure of private, sensitive, and confidential information
  • Exposure of St Aidan’s Catholic School to vicarious liability for information wrongfully disclosed by authorised users

This Policy aims to ensure all relevant aspects of the Data Protection Act (1998) and Fair Processing Policy are adhered to.

Authorised Parent Portal Users

St Aidan’s Catholic Academy Parent Portal is provided for use only by persons who are legally responsible for a child currently attending the school – those who our records show have ‘parental responsibility’. Access is granted only on condition that the individual formally agrees to the terms of this Policy. A signed copy of this Policy form will be held by the school for audit purposes.

Personal Use

Information made available through the Parent Portal is confidential and protected by law under the Data Protection Act (1998). To that aim:

• You must not distribute or disclose any information obtained from the Parent Portal to any person(s) with the exception of the pupil to which the information relates or to other adults with parental responsibility

• You should not attempt to access the Parent and carers Portal system in any environment where the security of the information contained in the Parent Portal may be placed at risk e.g. a cybercafé


Once the school has completed the necessary checks, a password and username will be given. Thereafter you must assume personal responsibility for the username and password. You must never use anyone else’s username or password and always keep your individual user name and password confidential.

You have the opportunity to change the password given by the school (but not the username), as long as it meets the set criteria below:

  • Passwords must have at least one capital letter and one lower case letter
  • Passwords must be at least 6 characters (a‐z, A‐Z, 0‐9) in length
  • Passwords must contain at least 1 number (0‐9) and 1 symbol (&#$, etc.)
  • Passwords cannot be similar to one previously used, or to the user name.

Passwords can only be changed once a user has successfully logged‐in and a security question set.

Contacting the school about the information

We encourage parents to see the Parent Portal as a positive communication tool, not a reason to complain about school procedures. Therefore we ask that you adhere to the following:

  • If an attendance mark is not registered please do not contact the school until 10.30am. There is an automatic ‘time‐lag’ in the system to allow data to be completed – data is not technically ‘live’. Even once updated, there may be a number of reasons why an attendance mark is not immediately entered, and reasonable time must be given to remedy this.
  • Ask your child about the reason for achievement or behaviour points rather than contacting the school. These points are given for a range of achievements and behaviours as indicated in our behaviour policy, which can be found on the school website.

It is not reasonable to ask a member of staff to justify the award of these points. Only when they accumulate and become significant would the school expect to contact you.

Complaints or enquiries

You should address any complaints and enquiries about the Parent Portal to St Aidan’s Catholic Academy by email or telephone. St Aidan’s Catholic Academy reserves the right to revoke or deny access to the Parent Portal of any individual under the following circumstances:

  • The validity of parental responsibility is questioned
  • Court ruling preventing access to child or family members is issued
  • Users are found to be in breach of the Acceptable Use Policy

If any child protection concerns are raised or disputes occur the school will revoke access for all parties concerned pending investigation. Please note: Where Parent Portal access is not available St Aidan’s Catholic Academy will still make information available according to Data Protection Act (1998) law.

Users are liable for any potential misuse of the system and/or breach of the Data Protection Act that may occur as a result of failing to adhere to any of the rules/guidelines listed in this document.

Parental Portal User Guide

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