Science STEM – Y7, 8 and 9.

Students will work closely with our lab technician (+HLTA) to help gain a better understanding of scientific investigation. This will include becoming more familiar with the scientific equipment and being able to use it confidently. It will also be an opportunity for students to gain experience in how to design, carry out and report on exciting scientific investigations that are different to what they undertake in lessons. The practical work and skills will vary in order to practice as many skills associated with scientific investigation.

Every Monday at 2.50pm in Room 221

Science CREST Award – Y10 and Y11

The CREST awards are Scientific awards that are designed to stretch students. They are long-term, in-depth projects that are run by the students themselves. Silver projects are typically completed by students aged 14-16 years. Students will use the sessions to carry out practical work, liaise with their mentor and look at various elements of their project
Students will collaborate with a CREST mentor – an academic or person from industry with expertise in their project’s theme. CREST Silver Awards are highly sought after, and are a good way to enhance a student’s UCAS personal statement or CV.

Every Thursday at 2.50pm in Room 221

Science Educake 

This is an opportunity for Year 7 and 8 students to gain support with their Science homework using Educake. This will allow students to ask teachers questions and any queries they have with their homework

Every Monday at 2.50pm in room 124 .

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