Science CREST Award – Y10 and Y11

Students spend a minimum of 30 hours completing a research based task that is largely independently done and carried out in small groups. There is a member of the science staff to act as a mentor and help direct and monitor the project but students complete and write up a lab report before it is submitted for their SILVER CREST award in Science.

This year students have investigated alternation in woodlice and also another group have synthesised their own aspirin. It is a great opportunity for students to get a taste for research and be creative in their approach to their project. It requires teamwork and students have to be able to keep their own lab records.

Link to future skills/careers:

Students who have the SILVER Crest Award may want to embark on the GOLD award during their time at Sixth Form. Although it doesn’t carry UCAS points it is a great achievement to put on any CV and those who are interested in a possible career in Science. There are lots of skills developed that would be transferable to any career. Science career paths are often very competitive and by completing an extra award like CREST you are showing your potential future employers that you are willing to go above and beyond to develop your science skills and knowledge.

Every Thursday at 2.50pm in Room 221

Cracking Chemistry

Summary of the activity:

Come along to our cracking chemistry sessions. You will have the opportunity to try a range of different chemistry experiments that you may not come across in the curriculum. Cracking chemistry will develop a stronger interest in chemistry through exciting practical work.

Link to future skills/careers:

Leadership skills, team work. You will build skills that are invaluable in your science studies, such as: method writing; analytical skills as you look at results. Broaden your scientific mind by explaining the results that you gather.

The cracking chemistry club can help you develop skills in a wide range of career paths from scientist, science teacher, engineering, medicine, and many more.

Every Monday at 2.50pm in room 124 .

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