Lenten Retreat 2021

Welcome to our Lenten Retreat resources. Here you will find resources to support our retreat experience and resources which you might enjoy as you journey through Lent.

Lenten Wear Walk guides:

Wear Walk:

Wear Walking.pdf – Google Drive

Family Friendly Wear Walk:

Family Friendly Wear Walking.pdf – Google Drive

Where do we find joy during lockdown?

Please reflect on our videos of Joy from our community:


Moving forward in your Lenten Journey:

The diocese have produced a resource pack to support your journey with daily reflections from people around the diocese:


The Youth Ministry Team have a youtube channel which provides a daily reflection video called ‘wait a minute’:


CAFOD have a range of resources to support your Lenten reflections:



As a community we are fundraising for CAFOD during lent through their walk for water campaign. If you would like to donate please use the link below:


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