Gardening Club

Summary of the activity:

The gardening club have been assigned an allotment.

The hope is to grow fruit and vegetables and then to use these in our school community.

The gardening club, I’m hoping will help to engage our young people and to think about our surroundings in order to develop a sense of responsibility.

Gardening is not an easy activity, and I’m hoping that as a group we can work together in order to build upon our skills, such as raising confidence and self-esteem, resilience, teamwork and communication.

Exercise also helps promote our physical and mental well-being and gives us time to reflect on the day we have just had.

Link to future skills/careers:

Leadership skills, team work, creative thinking, resilience, communication

A career could develop in Horticulture, Retail, Floristry, Farming, Agriculture, Forestry, Environment, Chef / cook

Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 2.50pm

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