At St Aidan’s Catholic Academy we believe that each child should be provided a range of opportunities that enable them to celebrate life to the full.  Our expansive enrichment programme allows all students at the Academy to participate  in a wide range of activities in order to foster friendships and develop key employability, leadership and interpersonal skills that will ensure our young men achieve their full potential and have great success in the future.

The majority of sessions are free and will be ran each evening by our own staff. Sessions that do require payment, will be highlighted on the sign up form. Once the students have signed up then they should attend these sessions every week for the duration of the term. Every term students will be given the chance to sign up to new sessions on the enrichment programme. This allows students the opportunity to gain experience in a wide range subjects, over the course of the year.

Enrichment Programme ’21-’22 (Cycle 1)

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