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To offer students new experiences and perspectives through the close study of media products and an exploration of the contexts surrounding their production and reception. It is also designed to promote informed and open minded, good citizenship.  Our students will gain a powerful knowledge in media studies which starts from the understanding that everything presented in the media is a construction, shaped by the context it exists in. It is from this understanding that students can analyse representations and in turn produce convincing media products. Media studies empowers students to become critical receivers of the media and question what they are faced with through the exploration of a diverse range of rich media texts. Through questioning and a diet of critical theories, learners develop a deeper understanding of media products, industries and audiences.  The rich curriculum will prepare students for A-level Media studies or apprenticeships linked to the industry.  Media studies offers a wide range of career opportunities such as journalism, advertising, publishing, design, radio and so on with the varied range of employability skills.

Curriculum Intention:

  • Develop a critical appreciation of media products
  • Understand and appreciate media products as constructions and an art form
  • Learn how meaning is constructed and be able to deconstruct media texts through textual analysis
  • Understand and apply critical theories and concepts
  • Appreciate industry processes and roles while developing their own production skills
  • Become critical thinkers with open minds willing to question and re-evaluate assumptions
  • Become more knowledgeable, culturally aware, interested and engaged with the world beyond the classroom
  • Gain an understanding of different cultures, contexts, issues, debates and the impact of human behaviour
  • Develop empathy and consider those represented in texts as well as the impact representations have on different audiences
  • Consider societal values and ideological influences in media products while exploring and evaluating their own values and beliefs.
  • Are encouraged to debate and discuss themes and topics that they would not necessarily explore elsewhere in the school curriculum.


See 3-year plan


St Aidan’s Catholic Academy considers the greatest impact of the curriculum to be high rates of pupil progress.

Progress in:

  1. Development of the skills to critically analyse media products.
  2. A deep acquisition of knowledge and understanding of the importance and impact of media products.
  3. Development of all students to be capable of understanding the effects of the media on society.
  4. Development of the skills for students to links concepts to theorist.
  5. Develop and understanding of the real world.
  6. Develop an understanding of the marketing behind all media products.
  7. Develop the skills to be able to use media language confidently.
  8. Develop the skills to be able to produce media products.

Curriculum Map

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Media Learning Journey 2020-21

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