'There are very few incidents of bullying, and when it does occur, staff deal with it appropriately. The school received the ‘Excellency in challenging bullying’ award in 2016/17'Ofsted 2018

1. Speak to someone.  This may be a teacher or a friend.  You can use the TipLine on our School App to report bullying or speak to one of the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

2. Tell someone at home.

3. Keep a diary or record of what is happening, when and who was there – were there any witnesses?

4. Keep any evidence – take a photo if your things are damaged or you have an injury.

5. If you have had some extremely unpleasant or dangerous experience online you can contact CEOP.  Do not reply to the nasty or cruel message, but don’t delete it – this is evidence. Keep the evidence by saving it or taking a screen shot.

Remember – there is always a way to work through a situation.  We are here to help.

Our students version of our Anti-Bullying Policy is below:

Pupil Anti-Bullying Policy

The video below may also be useful: