'There are very few incidents of bullying, and when it does occur, staff deal with it appropriately. The school received the ‘Excellency in challenging bullying’ award in 2016/17'Ofsted 2018

Any member of our school community can be part of our Anti-bullying Team.  You are welcome to come along to our meeting which take place one every fortnight.

If you enjoy being part of this you are encouraged to apply to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador.  You will need to complete a short application form, and have a short interview so that we can discuss any ideas that you may have.

We have the following Ambassadors:

Connor Moore – Year 12

Josh Callaghan – Year 11 (Head Boy)

Cameron Greenhow – Year 10

Jack Manners – Year 10

Daniel Parushev – Year 10

Alfred Gibadulin – Year 9

Jonny Rayner – Year 8

Euan Freeman – Year 8

Mrs Dunlop – School Governor and Parent

PC Sharp – Community Police Officer

Mrs Elllwell – School Nurse

For more information speak to Miss Szczepanksa or Mrs Hogg.