'Students achieve well. They make good
progress from their starting points.'Ofsted
'91% of parents surveyed said their son
is making good progress.'Parent Survey

As catholic educators we passionately believe that striving for academic excellence is critical, so is developing a well rounded and holistic member of society.  Our new Enrichment programme is tailored towards giving our students as broad but engaging enrichment programme so they can develop into life long learners.  It is truer than ever that in the modern world employers are looking for more than simply having excellent academic credentials.  Our enrichment time is therefore intrinsically linked to our focus on achieving the best possible destination for all or students once they complete their study programme with us.

Therefore, at St. Aidan’s students starting Y12 in September 2017 will have timetabled sessions designed to allow them to develop a new interest or embed further a passion already in place.

Enrichment is made up of four strands.  A spiritual strand; an academic strand; a voluntary strand and a free choice strand. Within these, students will have to evidence that they have partaken and engaged with the unit so as they can increase their wider experiences in readiness for UCAS applications or applications for further training.

The Spiritual Strand

As a catholic school gospel values underpin everything that we do.  Students will study  an element of religious education whether that be through their opted for Philosophy and Ethics A-level course or through General RE which is part of the formal enrichment programme.  Students will have a minimum of two hours per fortnight of the spiritual strand and will study a wide variety of topic areas designed to test and investigate faith and moral questions that face people.

The Academic Strand

Academia is what we are all about and the enrichment programme wants to make lifelong learning its key focus.  The growth of online learning has enabled us to tap into a vast bank of resources and courses that before would have been the preserve of the university student.  Therefore using an online platform students will complete a minimum of two Massive Online Open Courses.  These are a few weeks in length but produced and delivered by the world’s top higher education institutions.  Students simply sign up for free and work through the activities and watch the tutorials at their own pace.  A wide selection of subject areas are constantly updated with new and exciting courses coming online.  Students will work though these within a designated study period under supervision of a staff member, but they are also free to continue with it, and others, in their free time.

We will also have literacy and numeracy support lessons running to ensure that specific demands within courses can be met by students even if their basic skills need supporting.  Subject specific staff will be on hand to work closely with small groups of students to support advanced level numeracy and literacy across the curriculum.

The Voluntary Strand

Living in a privileged part of the world is too often taken for granted.  We want our sixth form students to appreciate how lucky they are and to benefit from giving something back to their local community both within school and beyond the school gate.  Therefore students will also be expected to give up two hours per fortnight to volunteer in an environment where they can give back some of their time to help others either in an immediate way or through a planed activity.  This will be overseen by staff but should be driven by the students themselves.

Free Choice Strand

The final element of the programme allows students to experience a different activity for a sustained period of time.  Students choose from a wide variety of interest areas and work towards an agreed outcome.  The areas on offer include The Duke of Edinburgh Award, Young Enterprise and Mentoring younger students in the school amongst others.  This should be chosen based on the individual aspirations and interests of the students and be of practical use when applying for jobs or higher education.