'Work in current pupils’ books and folders and school information from the regular assessment of pupils’ achievement show that, from their starting points, pupils are making good progress in a wide range of subjects.'Ofsted 2018


In alignment with our overall St Aidan’s Catholic Academy mission and as facilitators of learning, we believe that technology is a powerful tool that creates unique and relevant instructional experiences providing enriching, engaging, and varied sensory engagements that ultimately enhance the learning process. Technology is developing at an increasingly rapid rate and at St Aidan’s Catholic Academy we are committed to nurturing active, lifelong learners preparing them to be responsible, contributing members of society and global citizens who can use technology as a tool to help shape their lives and their community.

We believe that St Aidan’s Catholic Academy technology initiatives will provide powerful resources, with which students will engage in challenge-based meaningful learning that will encourage them to analyse, collaborate, discover, and create thus preparing them to become responsible, Christian citizens of the digital world.

These elements, we believe, are vital in all areas of a child’s education. In a digital world, however, there is a need for our learners to be able to use technology to present information, communicate and discover.

At St Aidan’s Catholic Academy we expect that a pupils learning environment contributes to the development of these skills and that all pupils have access to suitable, up-to-date equipment that enables learning to take place anywhere/anytime and in any place.

Aims and Objectives

Overall Aim

1. To develop pupils and staff into e-safe, e-inspired and e-confident users through the embedding of ICT/Digital Learning across the whole curriculum.

2. To develop parents as 21st Century facilitators of their son’s learning.

3. To grow and develop digital learning experiences across the Academy through the use of Mobile Technology.

4. To provide all members of the Academy community access to education anytime/anywhere and in any place.

Short term aims:

1. To improve teaching, and pupils’ learning in Information and Communication Technology across all subjects.

2. To enable all staff and pupils to use confidently and effectively the full range of technologies on offer.

3. To up skill teachers in the use of ICT/Digital technology to improve and enhance the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum.

4. To improve pupils’ standards of achievement and progress across the Academy.

5. To improve teachers’ and pupils’ access to research materials via the use of secure Mobile technology

Medium to long term aims:

1. To have greater digital access throughout the Academy and at home to aid research, improve access to IT and improve communication.

2. To enable teachers and pupils to develop communications with

the wider world using technologies such as e-mail, video, animation, web building, app building and Blogging.

3. Train teachers and other adults in the possibilities of digital technology so that they can broaden the pupil’s horizons.

4. To enable the pupils to use multimedia to present their work both in school and on the Internet.

5. To build the VLE across the Academy, integrating SIMS/LG/Ebackpack/GCSEpod to provide learners and parents with improved access to data, homework, assessment and progression from home, improving communication and fostering positive relationships.

6. To enable staff to make better use of the Academy’s information systems to support effective teaching and learning.

7. To involve the local community and lifelong learners.

8. To take a lead role in the development of digital technology across the Diocesan family of schools.