'Teachers’ strong subject knowledge, consistently effective planning and probing questioning identify any misconceptions and deepen pupils’ knowledge and understanding effectively.'Ofsted 2018

“I like RE because we learn in lots of different ways; I particularly enjoyed the drama and the plasticine …”

Shaun, Year 7 Student

“Philosophy and ethics is more than just learning about facts and figures. It is an attempt to explain those things for which we do not otherwise have an answer for, that’s why I love it…”

Matthew, Year 13 Student

We think religion is among the most powerful, profound and enduring aspects of life.

“To understand religion is to understand ourselves”

Our department focuses on the role which religion has played and continues to play in the life of the individual and society. Religion addresses fundamental questions relating to the meaning of human existence. Our curriculum across the key stages is varied, at Key Stage 3 we look at the sacraments through a variety of topics.

In year 7 we learn about Baptism and Holy Communion through the following topics; ‘Belonging to communities’, Northern Saints’, ‘Who is Jesus’, ‘Holy Week and Easter’, ‘Creation’ and ‘Hinduism’.

In year 8 we learn about Holy Orders, Sacrament of the sick, Reconciliation and Confirmation through the following topics; ‘Vocations’, ‘People of God’, ‘Evil and Suffering’, ‘Pilgrimage’, ‘Confirmation’ and ‘The background to Mark’s Gospel’.

At Key Stage 4 students follow GCSE courses that examine contemporary issues from a religious perspective. At Key Stage 5 we explore philosophy and ethics with the aim of encouraging our students to identify fundamental questions of human existence within the context of a Christian tradition.

Through our student-centered teaching and learning, our department seeks to provide students with such knowledge and understanding, so that they are well equipped to participate in an ever-changing global society.

We offer our students the opportunity to explore the world through our pilgrimages to places of significance. Upcoming trips include the Holy Land, Poland and Rome.

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