'There is a strong culture of safeguarding in the school and pupils said that they feel safe.'Ofsted 2018

“PE is my favourite subject because you can challenge yourself”

Daniel, Year 9 student.

“We chose PE because there is a wide range of sports, it’s really enjoyable and we all get on really well with the teachers.”

AS PE class.

St. Aidan’s boys love PE and Sport!

In lessons there are lots of opportunities to try new sports and to develop their skills. They get the chance to work on their own, as part of a team and leading other students. As they get older they can use off-site facilities and pick what they want to do.

If they are good enough they can compete at a National level where they can challenge themselves against the best in the country in their sport. Also, there are opportunities for students to participate for their form. Everyone can compete and play to win here!

In KS3 students follow a core programme of activities which provide a board and balanced curriculum which will enable them to make successful choices and succeed within the KS4 pathways programme. Students focus on rugby, football, softball and athletics outside as well as gymnastics, badminton, basketball, cricket, HRE and orienteering inside.

Many students learn and gain qualifications in many aspects of sport and PE including GCSE, Btec and sports leadership. Gaining these qualifications gets them skills and experiences which will help them get a job in the sports industry when they leave.

Students get the chance to go on lots of school trips run by the PE Department. Expeditions to Ecuador, India and Kilamanjaro are all chances where students can experience adventure and a different culture. The sports tour to Barcelona each year means students can play football against some of the best club teams in Spain.

Getting involved with what PE has to offer means the boys are happy, healthy and confident.

Curriculum Maps 2018-19

P.E Curriculum Map Y7

P.E Curriculum Map Y8

Year 9 BTEC Sport

Year 9 GCSE P.E

Year 10 BTEC Sport

Year 10 GCSE P.E

Year 11 BTEC Sport

Year 11 GCSE P.E


Course Information

BTEC Sport Course Information

GCSE PE Course Information

For more information contact the Head of PE Department Mr Watts.