'Leaders have successfully addressed previous weaknesses in teaching. Teaching, including in the sixth form, is now good.'Ofsted 2018

Mathematics is a universal part of human culture. It is the tool and language of Commerce, Engineering and other sciences such as Physics, Computing, Chemistry and Biology. It helps us recognise patterns and to understand the world around us.

Mathematics is a core subject and is studied by all pupils in Key Stages 3 and 4. Also because of our successful results many pupils choose to opt for Maths at Key Stage 5.

Mathematics is an exciting and challenging subject which continues to develop at a rapid rate across many research areas. It has a natural elegance and beauty. As a Mathematics department we try to use real world problems and by creating and applying mathematical models we try to aid the understanding, which we as well as the pupils find hugely satisfying and rewarding.

“I believe that if you do the work and stick at it, you will find that mathematics is fun, exciting, and intellectually elegant”

Sixth former.

Key Stage 3

At KS3 we try to develop pupils’ mathematical fluency by helping their confidence in numeracy and other mathematical skills, so that they understand and appreciate the importance of mathematics. Pupils are taught to apply arithmetic fluently to problems, understand and use measures, make estimates and sense check their work. Pupils should apply their geometric and algebraic understanding, and relate their understanding of probability to the notions of risk and uncertainty. They should also understand the cycle of collecting, presenting and analysing data. Pupils are taught to apply their mathematics to both routine and non-routine problems, including breaking down more complex problems into a series of simpler steps.

Key Stage 4

All pupils study GCSE Mathematics following a linear course. The course has two tiers of entry and pupils are assessed on ability regularly and entered for the appropriate syllabus and tier. The two tiers are:
• Foundation grades – 5 – 1
• Higher grades – 9 – 4

Key stage 5

All A-level pupils follow the OCR board. At AS-level pupils complete: Core 1, Core 2 and Statistics 1 modules and at A2-level pupils complete: Core 3, Core 4 and Mechanics 1 modules. All pupils are grouped with others of a similar ability. Pupils undertake five assessments throughout the year as described in our yearly school planner so that we can accurately monitor pupil progress.
Curriculum Maps 2018-19

Maths Curriculum Map Y7

Maths Curriculum Map Y8

Y9F Maths

Y9H Maths

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For more information contact the Head of Department: Mrs S Hudson