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History is important as it answers the big questions such as: Why are we here? Why did millions of men die and become injured in the First World War? How did Hitler manage to become so powerful and commit such crimes against humanity? Geography deals with issues that will shape the future lives of the pupils who study it so it is very relevant. These issues include sustainability, how other cultures exist and live, understanding of the physical and human world and how they interact with each other.

Year 7 study map and Map Skills. Rivers. Weather and Climate. The Romans. Double unit on the Making of the UK

Year 8 study Coasts. Extreme Weather. Population. A Historical Local Study. black People of the USA and World War One.

Our subject matter lends itself perfectly to learning outside the classroom including a trip to the First World War Battlefields.

The Humanities Department is ever evolving so that as many students as possible can discover the essence of what it means to be truly human.

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