'For a large majority of students, the overwhelming strength of the curriculum is the extended school programme. This provides a huge range of activities to develop students’ interests and talents.'Ofsted

“There are a range of after-school activities to choose from, so you’re not restricted to what you can choose”

Year 8 Student.

“The after school activities help develop new skills and make new friends”

Year 9 Student.

“They are fun and enjoyable which makes me happy”

Year 9 Student.

“The after school activities are a good way of getting us to stay back at school and learn more”

Year 9 Student.

Our aim as an extended school is to work with the local authority, local providers and other schools to provide access to a varied range of activities.

We firmly believe that the development of the extended school service here at St Aidan’s will help to:

• improve pupil attainment, self-confidence, motivation and attendance;

• reduce exclusion rates;

• better enable teachers to focus on teaching and learning;

• enhance children’s and families access to services.

For more details please log on to the parent portal and download our letter.

For more information please contact Mrs J Small.