'Since the last inspection, the progress of disadvantaged pupils has significantly improved.'Ofsted 2018

“We do so many different things…that’s what makes it interesting!”

Sam, Year 9 student.

“ DT has made me realise what I enjoy and am good at!”

Liam, Year 9 student.

“I have learned that Technology is all around us!”

Elliot, Year 7 student.

The Technology department at St Aidan’s has the advantage of having specialist purpose built facilities, that allow students to develop skills in design and manufacture using the latest technology as well as traditional techniques. Dedicated areas within the department allow the development of products using resistant and compliant materials.

With the ever increasing pace of Technology in today’s world, it is important that students develop skills that will allow them to participate in the workplace of the future. Independent and creative thinkers will have a large role to play in ensuring the sustainable future of society.

Projects in Key Stage 3 help students develop their skills and understanding within a range of areas that lead to them being able to solve problems and manufacture products using a variety of tools and materials. These include health and safety in the workshop, design and manufacture of products that mainly incorporate wood and plastic, theoretical understanding and application of practical skills relating to the design and manufacture of a product, and electronics.

In Year 9 students will opt for a full GCSE course.

Curriculum Maps 2017-18

DT Curriculum Map Y7

DT Curriculum Map Y8

GCSE DT Curriculum Map Y9

GCSE DT Curriculum Map Y10

GCSE DT Curriculum Map Y11

Course Information

GCSE Design Technology Course Information


For more information contact the Head of Department: Mr G Dolman / Mrs J Adamson.