'Since the last inspection, sixth form provision has improved and is now good.'Ofsted 2018

“Computing is a great subject, I really enjoy it! That’s not to say it isn’t challenging, but I really like finding out how things work and getting to grips with programming languages. I feel like this subject is going to let me develop a huge amount of skills that I will be able to use later on in life, even if I don’t directly work with computers. It’s something you can really get into and involved with.”

Sam, Year 12 Student.

“Computing is fun! It’s very mathematical and logical. It has coursework as well as theory which I like. I get to use the skills I learn in a practical way by creating and developing programs of my own which I think is great.”

Freddie, Year 10 Student.

Computers are an integral part of our everyday lives affecting the way we live, think and act! We live in a computerised world whereby computers are involved in so many aspects of our lives such as travelling, work, research, entertainment, education, communication and many, many more

Computing, as a subject, is focused on discovering how technologies work as well as learning to use them along with the uses and implications of different technologies. Learners gain knowledge and understanding of current and emerging computer technology, allowing them to be educated users as well as learners capable of developing new programs for the future. Computing is important intellectually as is enables you to learn to be logically minded, it provides challenges for you to break tasks down to create solutions and solve problems and it allows you to develop and apply skills that are used within many real world contexts, leading to multiple career paths. Skills learnt in Computing, such as critical thinking, research, analysis, developing algorithms, logical thinking, problem solving, testing, evaluating, teamwork and collaboration can all be used to support the development and extension of knowledge in other subjects too. The importance of Computing is recognised by its inclusion in the revised English Baccalaureate. Computing is the way forward!

GCSE Computing Course Information

Advanced Level Computing Course Information

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