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The Art Department at St Aidan’s Academy has enjoyed success and popularity over the years. As a department we are keen to encourage personality, vitality and spontaneity from our students. We have high expectations, and we believe that in an atmosphere of stimulation and support Art promotes the growth of confidence and self-esteem.

Our fundamental aim is to raise standards. We believe that helping students to develop an inquiring mind and the technical skills to express themselves improves academic achievement. Students learn to work creatively using feelings and imagination, developing an understanding of the world around them.

We believe that the study of the techniques, the ideas and the practices of artists, craftspeople and designers – both past and present – will open an exciting world for all our students. Following the Art curriculum, we provide a wide range of options for the study of Art, allowing students to gain qualifications at GCSE and A Level.

Students will learn the concepts of design, and develop skills ranging from drawing, painting and sculpture to ceramics and textiles. It is important that students are challenged intellectually by the study of Art History and understand the impact of the visual arts on society. Exposure to works of art from global cultures, emerging technologies as well as traditional techniques gives students a well-rounded understanding and appreciation of the artistic processes. Students will learn to analyse and recognise the visual arts, creating pieces of art that incorporate many different media and portray personality.

Our Key Stage 3 programme of study has been designed to provide students with the opportunity to work with a wide range of materials and techniques. They will study the work of a range of artists and art movements using processes such as painting, drawing, photography, sculpting, ceramics, print making and textiles. A series of extended homework projects will also be set to challenge students to think creatively and allow them the opportunity to work independently with a wide range of materials and project briefs. The programme of study has been deliberately designed to cover such a broad range of materials techniques and processes, in order to allow students the opportunity to experience as many aspects of Art, Craft and Design as possible, and ultimately act as a solid foundation for those students wishing to take Art at GCSE.

“The Art Department is a great environment to work in, calming and supportive. Everywhere you look fantastic examples of visual arts inspire you.”

Michael, past student.

“I have seen and experienced the works of great Artists like Monet, Da Vinci and Van Gogh during the Art Department’s excursions abroad”

Ricardo, past student.


Curriculum Maps 2017-18

Art Curriculum Map Y7

Art Curriculum Map Y8

Art GCSE Curriculum Map Y9

Photography GCSE Curriculum Map Y9

Art GCSE Curriculum Map Y11

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For more information contact the Head of Department: Mrs A Nipper.