'The headteacher and deputy headteacher are committed and relentless in their work for continuous improvement.'Ofsted 2018
'Senior leaders have established high expectations of staff and pupils and lead by example.'Ofsted 2018

Spelling Bee 2018

December 18, 2018

Our Spelling Bee went off with a Buzz when KS3 competed against each other to win the title of ‘Best Speller’. The competition was intense with year 7 going against each other to see who was the last one standing. We had our very own walking, talking dictionary, Mr J Harris from year 10 who […]

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The Bake Off

December 6, 2018

St Aidan’s bake off was a great success and students from years 7 to 10 worked together to create some tasty treats with a Christmas theme. The products that were made were sold to the rest of the school and the proceeds were donated to the school’s food bank appeal. The judging was difficult but […]

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